Classic Catherine

Did I just put Leonore’s christening on my calendar? 

Oh, come on, fandom. You know the answer to this.

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Princess Catherine! Please take my balloon bouquet! ♡

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So do I have like 4 more hours until Sydney?

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Anonymous said:
Do you know what happened to The Fabulous Duchess of Cambridge tumblr? It's now a porn site!

Never heard of it.

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About 15 minutes until Christchurch.

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The Duchess of Cambridge performing a hongi, a traditional Māori greeting.




How did it start off so strong and then have her get off the plane in a green snuggie with a collar…

It started strong? She started the tour by flashing the world.

We MAYBE saw her upper thigh… I don’t know about you but to me flashing implies showing my “private parts” and those aren’t on my upper thigh… plus if that’s flashing then I flashed a WHOLE hell of a lot of people at the gym this evening

If that was “flashing,” we’re all in a lot of trouble…

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@ruthtvnz: The Duchess has arrived at @RainbowPlaceNZ #royalvisitnz

: The Duchess has arrived at

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"Reuters promising live stream of walkabout in Cambridge."  -

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I’m voting a no on this coat (or coat dress?) I hope there’s a cute dress under for TRR event.

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